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General Terms and Conditions

Reservation and payment terms

Making appointments

To make an appointment, the client must first contact the photographer in order to

choose a session date that best suits the type of session to be done. Reservation instructions will be sent in writing to the client to make everything official.

The appointment will only be made official when all reservation conditions have been met.

and following the appointment confirmation in writing from the photographer


Session fees

A creation fee (session fee) is payable upon reservation, within a maximum period of 12 hours following receipt of invoice. This payment is used to cover administrative costs, file opening, preparation for the session and reservation of this slot.

The creation fee does not include NOT prints, products or digital files. This only covers the time, talent, expertise and creativity of the photographer. All products and files are sold separately. This creation fee is non refundable at all times.

Refund policy

Client acknowledges and agrees that cancellation or dissatisfaction by client will not result in a refund of any fees paid on or before the date of cancellation by Client. All products delivered to the client, whether physically or electronically, are considered final sale. The Client understands that any download of an electronic file will be considered acceptance of the product as is and must pay any fees related to this download, and cannot claim a refund in the event of an error or dissatisfaction.




A total travel of 50km is included in the session, calculated from the photographer's residence. If travel exceeding the limit is necessary, an additional travel fee will be charged on the client's invoice.

Related costs

If the contract requires overnight accommodation, parking payment, ferry, entry to a site,

or any other related expenses not included in the packages, these will be payable by the client.


Creation and use of images

Production of images

The photos, as well as their staging, will be taken according to the artistic style of the photographer, as displayed in her portfolio. The client confirms having looked at the portfolio and editing style

of the photographer before doing the session and undertakes to respect this style for the session and the images resulting.

Image management

Culling is done in order to present a quality viewing gallery to the client, including the best images from the session.  Only photos selected by the client and edited by the photographer will be delivered to the client.  


These will have a retention period of 12 months. After this period, the photographer does not keep the files in archive and is not held responsible for the loss of files by the client.
The originals will at no time be provided or sold to the client.

Use of images

The images produced cannot be used to damage the image and reputation of the photographer. The photos are for personal use only. They may not be used in contests or third party advertising, given or sold without the consent of the photographer. The photographer retains unconditional copyright on all photos taken at all times.

Selection, Editing & Delivery of files

Editing included

Only basic editing and retouching are included in the packages; including the adjustment of brightness, contrast, color treatment, attenuation of small imperfections of the skin (pimples, redness) to the artistic style of the photographer as represented in her portfolio.

Additional edits

For any precise, more in-depth and/or exhaustive retouching edits, an additional fee starting at $30 applies, established according to the work task to be accomplished. This invoice for retouching must be paid before starting the retouching work.

Editing and Viewing Images

No photo must be modified, cropped and/or distorted by any change of color (filter) by the client. It is also prohibited to remove the logo from the web photos provided.

The use of WEB files is preferable and strongly recommended for online display or on social networks, in order to clearly identify the author of these photos and especially because they are sized for optimal web display.

Selection of images

An gallery viewing will be provided within 5 working weeks following the session.  Images in the gallery will have only basic adjustments without retouching and are for selection only. 


Following the selection of products and collections, an invoice will be sent to the customer by email and must

be paid upon receipt. No rework and ordering of products will be done while the invoice has a remaining balance.

Delivery of products and files

The selected processed photos will be delivered to the client within 4 working weeks following receipt of the physical products by the photographer. The digital files will be delivered within 6 working weeks following purchase.

Images purchased in digital format will be delivered in 2 file formats: a high quality version

resolution, with printing rights license and a resolution version optimized for use on the web or on mobile devices. All photos in web format will include the signature of the photographer

and cannot be printed.

A download gallery of digital files will be online for a period of 1 month. 
If the client has not downloaded the photos within the deadline, a fee of $50+tx for re-uploading will apply, payable before re-uploading.


Rules of good conduct

Good behavior

The photographer undertakes to respect the client’s personality in all circumstances. The client

undertakes for its part to respect the work of the photographer through its desire to do well, its patience

and his motivation.


He is also responsible for the people who accompany him, so that there are no injuries, accidents or

equipment breakage. The client understands that at any time the photographer may stop the session if there is a lack of participation or goodwill by the client or if she feels their safety is at risk.


The client may be required to reimburse the photographer in the event of equipment breakage by the client and those accompanying them and is liable to legal action in the event of breach of contract.


Punctuality and LATENESs

Punctuality and Lateness

If the client is late for their appointment, they must notify the photographer as soon as possible.

This lateness delay time will be cut from their session time. 

In the event that the client is more than 20 minutes late, the photographer reserves the right to immediately cancel the session and leave the premises or studio, and will notify the client in writing. The client will therefore have to make a new appointment on another date and pay a new booking fee.

Photo Prints

The Photographer offers professional quality printing services. She takes great care to calibrate her equipment in order to offer optimal quality results on her products. She guarantees the printing quality and results of orders placed with herself only.  


If the Client chooses to make prints of his or her images elsewhere than with the Photographer, the latter is at no time responsible or guarantor for the results obtained by third parties.

USB key

If the Client wishes to have their images on a USB key, it is possible to purchase it directly from the Photographer on request.

Only keys purchased by the Photographer will be used, for electronic equipment security reasons. No key provided by the Customer will be accepted.

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